It is a distinct privilege to care for our patients who are pregnant or desiring to get pregnant. We regard the womb as the safest environment in the world, and pregnancy as a blessed experience.

We will care for you and your child by providing excellent medical care from conception through delivery. Each of our five Obstetricians will have the opportunity to see you in the office as you go through your pregnancy, and our office staff enjoys the opportunity to see you and your child grow.

In addition to a normal pregnancy, we also offer care for high risk pregnancies of all kinds. We are equipped to treat and care for patients with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, history of complicated pregnancies, and more. Our physicians are also part of a network of doctors who specialize in various conditions and are comfortable collaborating whenever necessary to provide the best care for you.

Ultrasound is a vital part of the practice of obstetrics and we provide you the best in technology and skill through sonography, in our comfortable diagnostics suite within our office. 3D/4D sonograms are also offered to our patients at a very competitive price, so please ask if you are interested in that form of sonography.